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2011 BioTransfer Awards

Organized by the Fondation Biotech Montréal, this Wine and Cheese evening celebrates the excellence of technologies presented at the Crossroad for Biotransfer 2011 which took place on May 19 at the NRC Biotechnology Research Institute.

Présentateur à BioTransfert 2011

Two prizes were awarded during the evening:


The Gervais-Dionne Award, which rewards the most promising technology, was awarded to Dr. Jamshid Tanha, for his technology called Humanized Soluble VH and VL Single-Domain Antibody Libraries for Developing Human Therapeutic Applications

Dr. Jamshid Tanha receiving his award from Louise Proulx, Vice-President and Site Head, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, and also Vice-President of the Board of the Fondation Biotech Montréal


The Fondation Biotech Montréal Award honoring the person having given the Best Business Presentation was awarded to Dr. Alain Moreau for his technology called Disease-Modifying Drug for Osteoarthritis

Dr. Alain Moreau receiving his prize from Benoît Tremblay, General Director and Treasurer of Fondation Biotech Montréal

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